Sage 300 version updates

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Simplify your tasks and get more done faster. Improve usability, streamline workflow, and increase business transparency Redesigned, new look and feel to make it easier to find information and complete tasks. Modernisation and seamless integration for Sales and Marketing
Connect your entire business — Sage 300 is integrated with the latest versions of Sage Intelligence (7.6), and Sage CRM (7.3), allowing you to improve effectiveness and make better decisions across your business. Optimise your workflow — Batch credit card processing is now available, improving efficiency and minimising errors. You also have the ability to set up regular reminders in the scheduler. Increase visibility —The new visual appearance, including redesigned buttons, makes information clearer and more accessible. Improved and modernised technical architecture – Several older technologies within the Sage 300 architecture have been retired and replaced, improving performance, scalability and security.
Save time posting new records — Post invoices, receipts, adjustments, refunds, and more directly from the entry screens for GL,AP, AR, and Bank Reconciliation instead of having to run an entire batch. Options to use a variety of email systems — set up and manage print-to-mail settings, including a new option to use SMTP, with a new Email tab on the Company Profile. Save time with visual process flows — Updated visual process flows to make it easier to find information and complete tasks. Streamline Sales and Marketing activities – An entirely new integration with Sage CRM allows Sage 300 customers to gain better business insight, increase team productivity and unlock the secret of customer success.
Improved Tax Tracking reports — When printing the Tax Tracking report by fiscal period, you can now specify a range of fiscal year/periods to include on the report. Save time while processing — new improved finder allows users to see Quantity Available, Quantity Committed, Quantity on Hand, Quantity on Purchase Order, and Quantity on Sales Order, when selecting an item from the finder. Eliminate multiple logins with OAuth — For Sage 300 customers who use ISV products, this protocol allows limited access to specific account information without the need to share a password. Improve company-wide business visibility – New Global Search utility allows customers to quickly search across all records and transactions, and drill down into results.
Save time when designing reports — Automatically detect missing accounts from reports, exclude zero rows, and set dynamic ranges that detect any changes to the General Ledger. Increase business visibility — Create and share notes related to customer, vendor, or inventory item, which will be displayed when creating any transaction associated with them. Notes is an intuitive new way of keeping track of your most important, or your most problematic issues, ensuring business transparency across the organisation. Find and open recently used windows — Recently Used Windows list added to Sage 300c displays recent windows making it easy to find and reopen them quickly. Stay compliant with your Sage 300 system – New tax modules are available now for Australia, Singapore and Malaysia
Be up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technologies —Sage 300’s up-to-date platform supports the latest Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Office 2016 and SQL Server 2016. Improved Finder — The updated Finder displays results faster than in previous version of Sage 300c.
Improve your reporting experience — Sage 300 2016 Intelligence Reporting includes a number of new features and enhancements that will give more control over you financial reporting Intelligent reporting for Sage 300c — Sage Intelligence now features custom folders and additional report parameters, further enhancing business visibility.

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